Hernando Campus reLaunch

Hernando Campus reLAUNCH


Compel Hernando originally launched on August 19, 2018 in the Hernando High Performing Arts Center. We met there weekly until March of 2020. Due to Covid-19 regulations and protocols, we were unable to resume meeting in that location. Currently, we gather each weekend at our Southaven campus for the 9 & 11AM services. The Hernando Hub is located in the lobby there to meet up with friends and connect with our Hernando staff and Dream Team. We look forward to our reLAUNCH at our new 33-acre property in January of 2023.

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Hernando Campus reLaunch

Plug In With Our Campus


Hernando Campus hosts events right in our own community! To learn about these events, you can email us or follow us on our Hernando Facebook page.

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Connect Groups

We also have Connect Groups that meet throughout the week in Hernando. Childcare is available if you join a group that meets on Wednesday nights. Click below to view open groups.

Hernando Connect Groups


Joining a team is a great way to be involved with our campus. We’d love to have you serve with us even while we attend at our Southaven campus.

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Meet Our Campus Staff

Tony Boyd
Hernando Campus Pastor
Hannah Aguilera
Campus Coordinator
Michael Lacey
Worship Leader
Nick Aguilera
Assistant Campus Pastor + Compel Youth
Terri Brown
Compel Kids
Heather Fleming-Cross
Compel Kids
Ashley Balentine
Compel Kids Jr.

Our Future

Our mission for the Hernando community reflects that of Compel Church– to compel the unconvinced to become passionate followers of Christ. Our posture is not simply to have a church building in Hernando, but is a deep calling put in our hearts by God to support the schools, to be present in the marketplace, to honor the police, fire and first responders, to make an impact on crime, graduation rates and the beautification of the city. In a word, we are called to make a difference in Hernando, MS.

Construction Plans
Construction is set to begin on our permanent building end of October 2021. Currently, we are raising funds in several ways. Compel Church is one church in multiple locations, so we are being supported by our church as a whole along with donations from other sources committed to our vision for Hernando.
If you are a regular Hernando Campus Attender, we ask that you also consider giving towards our efforts.

Your Questions Answered

  • Where are we in the construction phase?

    Construction is set to begin end of October 2021.

  • What can we do to be a part?

    We need you to attend a campus regularly and support the reLAUNCH effort. Use your gifts. Are you interested in serving with Youth? Then serve with your whole heart! Are you gifted to be able to help financially? Give with joy! Do you have technical abilities? Serve with your campus team! The time will come when you will be using those gifts at our new Hernando campus! Begin stretching those muscles between now to serve then.