Connect Groups

Connect Groups

An extension of the large weekend gathering, broken down into small groups who do life together. These small groups include sermon-based groups, study-based groups, and social groups.

Connect Groups

The Need For Connection

At the center of the human soul is the need for connection. Without relationships, it is impossible to thrive. Connect Groups open the door to form those healthy relationships, while encouraging others to take their next step in their walk with Christ.
Connect Groups at Compel Church are opportunities to connect with people who share your interests, who are at a similar stage in life, or who have experience in an area where you would like to grow. A group is 3-12 people who meet regularly at various times and locations.


Sermon groups meet weekly to discuss the message from the previous weekend. This is a time to dive deeper into the Scriptures and learn more about what God is speaking to us as a church. These groups meet on campus, in homes, coffee shops and sometimes a local restaurant.


Study groups gather to discuss a topic-based Bible study. This is an opportunity to grow in your faith in specific areas like marriage, parenting, finances, or even walking through a difficult season. Study groups meet several times a month in various locations all across DeSoto County.


Social groups are focused on having fun and building friendships. They meet several times a month, based on different interests and hobbies. If you’ve never been a part of a group at Compel, Social Groups are a great first step.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs for answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the commitment when joining a group?

    Our small groups meet for a semester, basically about 3 months. We have a spring and a fall semester. You are given the opportunity to change after each semester.

  • In what time frame do most groups meet?

    Most groups meet for about 75-90 minutes. Some social groups may meet longer depending on their activity but you will always know how long to expect the meeting to last.

  • Is child care available during group meetings?

    Childcare is not always available for every group. You will always know ahead of time if it is available for your group or not.

  • Do groups meet in people's homes?

    Some groups meet in homes, others meet at the campus, some meetings are available through Zoom, some meet at other locations. There is always a variety and there’s always an option for you.

  • Will I be asked to talk or lead when participating in a group?

    No. We never pressure anyone to talk or lead a group. Our group leaders are trained and will not put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.