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Have you accepted Christ as your only Savior? Have you been water baptized?

At Compel, we believe baptism is an important step of obedience that shows others we have personally trusted Jesus for our salvation from sin and death.

When Christians are baptized, they are identifying with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, water baptism is a public declaration- telling the world that you are now a follower of Christ, and that you are beginning a new and better life in Him.
Baptism is celebrated in our services each week. To begin your baptism journey, choose a campus below. Once you have registered, someone will follow up with you for scheduling.

Is your child ready to be water baptized?

What we believe
About baptism

Ready to be Baptized?

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Is your child ready for baptism?

It’s exciting when your child expresses interest in being water baptized. We get questions all the time from parents asking how to know when their child is ready for this important next step. We’ve created a Kids Baptism resource just for you! For more information on if your child is ready for Water Baptism, please speak with a Compel Kids leader this weekend!

Is my child ready for baptism? (PDF)

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