Easter Next Steps

Maybe you decided to dedicate your life to Christ, maybe you made the decision to get water baptized, or perhaps, you want to speak with a leader; whatever your next step maybe we want to help!
If you took a next step at an Easter Service at one of our Compel Campuses,
please click the link below to tell us more!

Next Step Decision

We’re so glad you joined us for Easter at Compel! Everyone is on a path in life – either moving closer to God or farther away. Taking a step closer to your creator is a great decision! Below you’ll find resources designed to help you take that next step on your journey of faith.

It’s Time to take that step

Easter Next Steps


Beginnings is a 3-session online resource to help you get started on God’s path for your life. It lays out the roadmap for your spiritual journey and encourages you toward the next step of water baptism.

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Easter Next Steps


Beginning May 1st, Discover will be a one-day class that introduces you to membership at Compel Church. It’s a place where you can learn the story of Compel Church, discover your purpose, and join the Dream Team.

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Easter Next Steps


Going public with your faith in Christ and identifying outwardly with your new faith family through water immersion.

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