Compel Church

Life Fellowship Church is now


It’s who we are. It’s who we’ve always been.

On April 2, 2002, Life Fellowship Church launched as a no-name congregation in rented space at the Whispering Woods Hotel.

We were a small group, but with a mission in mind. We envisioned creating a place where people could:

  • Express their faith authentically
  • Know the unchanging good news is relevant here and now
  • Have fun at church

And from the beginning, the mission of Life Fellowship Church has been to compel the unconvinced to become passionate followers of Christ.

Compel Church

A Name That Reflects
Who We Truly Are


Today, Life Fellowship Church has grown into multiple campuses. As a congregation, we love and minister to people all over DeSoto County and around the world.

But deep down, we’re the same church that met in that hotel nineteen years ago. Same mission. Same heart.

That’s why we believe it’s time to make the biggest change in the history of our church — not because our identity has changed, but to reflect who we truly are.

Life Fellowship is now
Compel Church.

Q&A with our Compel Team

Will You Help Us Continue Our Mission?

We intend to keep living out our faith with authenticity while meeting the needs of our community intentionally.

As a body, we’ll continually strive to make a difference. We’ll work to inspire people to live a more expansive and fulfilling life in a relevant, fun, and authentic atmosphere.

And more than anything…

Let’s keep working together to compel people to leave dead religion behind and become passionate followers of Christ.

We invite you to join us in this
next season of our life as:



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